About Eszter Erdélyi

Eszter Erdélyi is the author and developer of Feeding Your Kids and the CEO of the Feeding Your Kids Foundation. Born in Miskolc, Hungary, Eszter came to the U.S. in 1990 to attend Harvard Business School.

The mother of two young children, Eszter became interested in the science of and strategies for feeding children when her youngest developed a wheat allergy and she had to find creative ways to ensure that her family’s nutritional needs were still being met.

Realizing that all parents face restrictions, whether they are medical or just preferential, she went to work conducting extensive research in the areas of behavior change models, common feeding practices, and nutrition. From there she indentified 14 major categories of challenges, the dozens of associated behaviors and hundreds of solutions. The result is Feeding Your Kids, a unique pairing of in-depth science and pragmatic skill development methodology, written from the perspective of a real mom.

The co-author of “How Healthy Is Your Organization?: The Leader’s Guide to Curing Corporate Diseases and Promoting Joyful Cultures,” Eszter enjoyed a 12-year career in organizational change management, and her passion is developing holistic streamlined systems with particular regard to human behavioral aspects, as well as using technology as a lever of change.

She is thus uniquely suited to create Feeding Your Kids, a comprehensive internet-based program focusing on pragmatic decision-making situations, which are the basis for changing habits and which break down the complex and overwhelming problem into achievable pieces. Feeding Your Kids is the application of Eszter’s extensive experience in the mechanics of motivation to food and nutrition, paired with her real life experiences as a mother of two.

Eszter has lived in Budapest, Boston, London, Paris, and Greenwich, and presently resides in San Francisco with her family.

Contact Eszter at eszter@feedingyourkidsfoundation.org